About The Author

David Lee is a highly respected influential leader who serves with excellence and integrity. Throughout his nearly 30 years of ministry, David Lee has effectively led high performing teams in both the religious as well as the secular communities. Serving as a licensed Ordained Elder under the pastorate of Bishop T.D. Jakes for nearly 30 years and working under the umbrella of T.D. Jakes Ministries for nearly a decade, he led the Sunday school department as the Superintendent until the ministry relocated to its current location in Dallas Texas. The first ministry class that led to the licensing of the first set of ministers ordained at the Potter’s House of Dallas Inc. was taught by David Lee.
Employed by T.D. Jakes Ministries Sales and Marketing Department, David Lee led more than 500 people who worked with the sale and distribution of products globally. There he demonstrated his business acumen as the National Sales Manager where he managed the sale and marketing of a multi-million dollar inventory at more than 9 major record-breaking conferences including Woman Thou Art Loosed, Man Power and the Pastors and Leaders Conferences as well as all of Bishop Jakes smaller personal engagements.
David Lee is a touchable, practical, hands-on, process driven leader who loves God and all kinds of people. Together, he along with his wife Renee Richardson have committed themselves to philanthropy on the level they are on. Balanced giving to local charities and humanitarian organizations including feeding 9 children located in Guatemala and subsidizing the incomes of a pastors and those in need, they put their money to work for the Kingdom of God in practical meaningful ways that have tangible results.

Appearing in conferences local and abroad, David Lee has preached and led leadership retreats, revivals, trainings and conferences in the US, Canada, Bermuda and Africa. Through his weekly radio talk show “The David Lee Show”, he quickly became known for his understanding of leadership and his creative ability to gender new insights in those who lead people. Currently he travels extensively training and developing corporate leaders on building high performing teams, how to hold deep impacting accountability discussions and how to change undesirable behaviors through use of effective coaching conversations and well written Action Plans.

In the pulpit, David Lee is the first minister to have ever preached a tag-team sermon with T.D. Jakes at the Potter’s House of Dallas Inc. Celebrating nearly 30 years in ministry by preaching and teaching the word of God, he aspires to simple yet powerful biblical principles that make him an immerging voice of accountability, inspiration, and influence among today’s spiritual leaders.

He is the proud father of two adult aged children and two pre-teens. He and his loving wife Renee are also the proud grandparents of one loveable granddaughter. He credits the Holy Spirit along with his two previous pastors Dr. Lincoln Williams Sr. and Bishop T.D. Jakes Sr. for his Biblical prowess and spiritual clarity. His most recent book Sunday Morning Stickup what your pastor doesn’t want you to know about tithes is unapologetically controversial and undeniably enlightening.