What Others Are Saying About Sunday Morning Stickup

By AliciaD
There is an old saying "there are two sides to every story".....well, here is the "rest of the story". We all want to believe that we are doing the right thing but let me say my eyes have been opened wide. Not only is the book full of truth, it is backed up by scripture.When you read, have your bible handy and really read the scriptures referenced in the book. You will be truly amazed at the REAL TRUTH.

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By Divine Heritage

Get this one!!!
This book is filled with revealing truths that are scriptually based. David Lee also takes you to the scripture in the bible as he lets God use him as an instrument to talk to His people.

I was amazed by what I learned!!!

Author David Lee

  • David Lee is a highly respected influential leader who serves with excellence and integrity. Throughout his nearly 30 years of ministry, David Lee has effectively led high performing teams in both the religious as well as the secular communities.

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